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Baby Zen yoyo 6+ Black with white frame –  READY STOCK

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yoyo-bag_babyzen_baby_bottegaBabyzen YOYO Stroller

The YOYO, the world’s first luxury travel stroller, is the most compact, versatile and lightweight one on the market, seamlessly making life, and travel, easier than ever before.


Reversible backrest, carrying strap, rain cover, under seat storage basket, travel bag


Airline certified size of a carry-on bag
Folds, unfolds, and drives with one handed ease
Reclines with ease
Removable/washable plush cushioning 4 – wheel suspension
exclusive soft drive system/ no need to lockfront swivel wheel
Five-point safety harness
Extendable leg rest
Manufacturer Recommended Weight/Age Limits

Up to 33 pounds
6 months and up
Product Dimensions:

12.8 pounds
Collapses to 20.5 x 17 x 7 inches

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FAQ about Rockin Green Detergent

Berikut adalah jawapan bagi soalan yang sering ditanya oleh pengguna baru juga pengguna tegar RGD.

Jika FAQ ini masih tidak memberi jawapan kepada persoalan anda, boleh terus hubungi kami di bummiakids2gmail or sms/whatsapp 016 215 8284

faq - rgd

Rockin’ Green detergent sesuai untuk apa?

Well, hampir kesemuanya! Rockin’ Green detergent sesuai untuk basuhan seisi keluarga. termasuklah baju kerja, baju anak -anak yang kotor dan terkena stain, natural fiber/ kain yang sensitif dan pastinya CLOTH DIAPER! yeay

Apakah formula yang patut saya guna ?

Rockin’ Green didatangkan dengan 3 formula. Apakah perbezaannya?

Soft: formula ini khas untuk mereka yang mempunyai kulit yang sensitif dan kawasan yang mempunyai soft water.

Classic: This is the original formula, dan sangat sesuai dengan air di malaysia, moderate to hard water.

Hard: This formula is designed for those with the most troubling hard water.

All Rockin’ Green formulas are designed with the same great ingrediants, and work for all water types. Most people do great with Classic Rock, and so when in doubt start off with that! All 3 formulas are suitable to for use with cloth nappies, and for general family washing. Still unsure? Contact us for more help.

Berapa banyak RGD yang kita perlu guna?

Apabila berbincang mengenai berapa sudu/scoop RGD yang perlu digunakan untuk basuhan cloth diaper anda, ia bergantung pada banyak faktor.

When it comes to dosage, there are many variables that need to be considered, and it may take a little bit of trial and error to find the right dosgae for your situation. Here are a few things you might need to adjust your dosage for:

* A very large or very small load

* Soft or Hard water

* Soil level

Kami mencadangkan anda memulakan penggunaan RGD dengan 1 sudu kecil untuk  frontloader/HE machine, and 2 sudu kecil for a toploader. *Many customers akan menggunakan sukatan yang sesuai dengan rutin masing-masing. Maka amount yang disarankan hanyalah sebagai  STARTING point untuk rutin basuhan masing -masing.*

Beri perhatian pada hasil basuhan, jika masih ada stain, bau, ammonia atau irritation, anda boleh adjust penggunaan RGD ini sehingga mendapat hasil yang diinginkan. Bilasan terakhir sepatutnya tidak lagi mengandungi/menghasilkan buih dan air bilasan juga jernih. Bilas lagi sekiranya bilasan akhir masih mempunyai buih atau air bilasan masih keruh.

Is Rockin’ Green detergent safe for my cloth diaper?

Semestinya! Rockin’ Green detergent sememanganya direka khas oleh pengasasnya untuk digunakan dalam membersihkan cloth diaper (something we LOVE here at Rockin’ Green!!). Kita tak perlu risau lagi dengan cloth diaper build up atau cloth diaper yang dah makin kurang serapannya dengan adanya Rockin’ Green. Hanya guna amount yang sangat kecil,ia mampu membersihkan cloth diaper dengan baik. Ia sesuai dengan natural fiber termasuk hemp, bamboo, cotton dan  seriously amazing on microfibre. Semua scent sesuai untuk digunakan pada cloth diaper.

I have very sensitive skin, what product do you recommend?

Try the SOFT ROCK formula! It has been tested on some of the pickiest babies, and most sensitive skin around with great results. Jika tiada pilihan, Bare Naked Babies (unscented) Classic & Hard Rock detergents juga disarankan.

Cloth diaper saya berbau!! Will Rockin’ Green help?

Yes! You can do a mini-strip when you first start using Rockin’ Green to get the jump on the funk.

1. Fill your washer with warm or hot water and 3 Tbsp of Rockin’ Green detergent, along with your nappies.

2. Let it soak for approximately 30-60 minutes. Then launder as usual. If you have a Frontloader machine, you may have to consult your manual but you can usually do a soak by pressing the start or pause button.

*Tip: Repeat this process anytime you need a good deep-cleaning. If your nappies have excessive buildup or residue, it may take a few soaks to get them in good condition.

You can also do a soak anytime that you feel your nappies need a good deep cleaning.

Keep using Rockin’ Green to keep the stinkies at bay.

Do I need to do anything special if I am switching from another detergent?

If you are switching from a clean rinsing detergent, you may have little to no trouble switching to Rockin’ Green. With some detergents, you may experience some problems as the built up soap is drawn to the surface of your nappies or clothing. Even laundry that appeared to be clean before switching, may suddenly become stinky the first few washes with Rockin’ Green detergent. This is totally normal, and will improve with continued use. To speed up the process, try Rockin’ a soak with 3 Tbs of Rockin’ Green followed by several washes with nothing. Repeat the process until your nappies & laundry are fresh smelling again. (This will usually not occur with your general family laundry).

I just started using Rockin’ Green and my nappies smell worse! What’s up?

Sometimes, it takes a few washes to experience the full benefit of Rockin’ Green detergent. With each wash, Rockin’ Green will work to pull out the trapped in detergent, grime and minerals that are inside your nappies and inserts, which can temporarily cause stink issues or even repelling for some people. If you experience this problem, we would suggest you Rock a Soak and then do several washes with no soap added to flush out all the gunk. Repeat the process until your nappies are clean smelling, and then continue to use Rockin’ Green at the recommended dosage for day to day washings.

Bolehkah Rockin’ Green detergent digunakan pada mesin basuh Front loader?

Semestinya! Oleh kerana RGD bukanlah formula yang berbuih maka kita tidak perlu risau untuk menggunakannya pada mesin basug ront loader. Hanya 1 sudu sudah mencukupi :)

What if my washer doesn’t accept powdered detergents?

Most washers have an option for both liquid and powdered detergents. You simply pop the liquid dispenser part out of the drawer to make it powder ready. If you wish you can mix the detergent with a cup or so of water to create a liquid, and then pour that into your detergent drawer.

Is Rockin’ Green phosphate free? SLS Free?

Yes, Rockin’ Green is 100% phosphate free. It is SLS free, and also animal by-product free, never tested on animals…. biodegradable… and a bunch of other Mother Earth Rockin’ Goodness!!

Cara bayaran 

Kami menerima bayaran secara Online transfer, Cash Deposit dan PayPal.

Semua bayaran perlu dijelaskan sebelum bungkusan anda di hantar.


Jika anda tidak berpuas -hati dengan pembelian anda, sila hubungi kami, kami sedia membantu anda. Setiap pembelian tidak boleh dipulangkan semula melainkan barang yang diterima rosak dan tidak  boleh digunakan.

Mahu dapatkan Rockin’ Green Detergent? click sahaja button di bawah! :)


How to stripwash using RGD

Berikut adalah Guidelines on how to stripwash your cloth diaper using Rockin’ Green Detergent.


In a top-loader:

  • Dissolve 3 Tbsp of Rockin’ Green soap in a washer full of your hottest water (not > 60degC).
  • Add all the ‘clean’ diapers and inserts (i.e. ones that have already been washed free of urine & poo). Ideally not more than 15 sets of diapers per load.
  • Allow to soak for 30-60 minutes at a minimum. If buildup is bad, leave diapers (non PUL/TPU items) soaking for several hours or even overnight.
  • Once the soak is finished, launder your diapers as usual, but do not add any extra detergent.
  • Add a few extra rinses to get rid of any extra suds and gunk. ** If your washer does not have hot wash option, you can use the method for “front-loader”.

In a front-loader:

  • Dissolve 3 Tbsp of Rockin’ Green soap in a basin/bathtub/pail full of your hottest water (not > 60degC). It is quite tricky to get a good soak in front loader. So we recommend using the bathtub/pail.
  • Add all the ‘clean’ diapers and inserts (i.e. ones that have already been washed free of urine & poo). Ideally not more than 15 sets of diapers per load.
  • Allow to soak for 30-60 minutes at a minimum. If buildup is bad, leave diapers (non PUL/TPU items) soaking for several hours or even overnight.
  • Once the soak is finished, launder your diapers as usual, but do not add any extra detergent.
  • Add a few extra rinses to get rid of any extra suds and gunk.

Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Detergent is here!!

Penantian beberapa bulan berakhir!

Rockin’ Green Detergent is here!

Ramai Pengguna cloth diaper yang menantikan kehadiran RGD. Antara pilihan utama cloth Diaper Detergent di Malaysia.

Dibawakan khas dari USA.

classic rock - watermelon

Rockin’ Green Detergent – Classic Rock Smashing Watermelon

Rockin’ Green Laundry Detergent is an eco-friendly way to get your whole family’s clothes clean. It works hard on dirt and stains while being gentle to the environment and your budget.

Contains NO:

  • Enzymes
  • Phosphates
  • Optical Brighteners
  • SLS
  • Parabens

All RGD ingredients are biodegradable – even the packaging is 100% recyclable! We are Vegan and Gluten friendly too! Are our scents gentle enough for sensitive skin? Of course, all our scents are made from distillations of natural essential oils – never artificial scents.
Rockin’ Green saves you money. Did you know that ONE BAG can do up to 90 loads? HE machine users need only 1 TBS of soap per load.

Available in the following Scents:

Smashing Watermelons scent – juicy, fresh and a little bit sweet with just a touch of tartness (just like us…)
Unscened- extra gentle unscented formula. Plain yes, but that’s way we like it (uh huh, uh huh. That’s the way…)
Lavender Mint Revival – like wlaking through a field of lavender but with a Mint Julep in your hand (that’s how we do things in the South)
Mötley Cleän – ocean breezes greet your senses – but the kind on at Cabo Wabo…look there’s Sammy Haggar!

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Sistem cloth diaper yang mana menjadi pilihan anda?


Salam and hi!

Ramai yang confuse dengan cloth diaper ni sebab banyak sangat jenis dan brand dia. Nak nak tiap tiap bulan ada sahaja prints baru berada di pasaran. Tak mengapa, once dah faham, memang mudah je sebenarnya.

So, mari kita lihat jenis cloth diaper yang asas dan banyak dijumpai di pasaran Malaysia :). Lepas tu boleh decide, jenis mana yang sesuai dengan rutin harian kita dan baby :)

Pocket diaper

pocket diaper diagram

Pocket diaper adalah paling banyak dijumpai terutamanya di pasaran Malaysia.  Ia terdiri daripada lapisan luar yang kalis air, lapisan dalam yang stay dry dan of course ada bukaan seperti pocket untuk kita masukkan insert/penyerap basahan.

Selain mudah didapati dan boleh didapati dengan harga yang cukup murah, ia digemari disebabkan kebolehan ibu2-ibu menentukan/adjust serapan diaper ini mengikut kesesuaian bayi masing-masing.

Kebanyakan insert yang digunakan adalah jenis microfiber. Pada yang perlukan serapan yang lebih, boleh upgrade insert kepada material yang lebih banyak menyerap basahan seperti bamboo, hemp ataupun zorb.

Selain daripada insert, kita boleh guna bermacam macam material lain untuk dimasukkan ke dalam pocket diaper. Boleh masukkan flat diaper ataupun prefold ke dalam pocket. So, sangat flexible kan? Janji kena rajin untuk stuff insert ke dalam pocket. Alah, bukan lama manapun :)

Pros (kebaikan):

1. Boleh digunakan semasa keluar outing, di pusat jagaan /taska , waktu malam- sebab kita boleh adjust absorbency mengikut insert/penyerap yang digunakan :)

2. Sangat mudah digunakan – masukkan insert yang sesuai and tadaa… It’s ready to be use :)

3. Mudah di pakaikan pada bayi.. Nak mudah lagi, guna bukaan hook/loop (velcro). Pakai macam biasa :)

Keburukan (cons) :

1. Semasa rutin basuhan, perlu keluarkan insert/penyerap, which some mamas don’t like.😬😬

2. Some mamas don’t like the extra work of having to stuff pocket diapers before use.

3. Mencari booster/penyerap tambahan untuk pocket diaper adalah satu kerja yang merumitkan bagi sesetengah ibu

All-In-Ones (AIO’s)  

AIO juga terdiri daripada bahagian asas binaan cloth diaper iaitu lapisan waterproof/kalis air, lapisan stay dry yang bersentuhan dengan kulit bayi dan bahagian yang bertindak sebagai penyerap. Namun begitu, bagi AIO, lapisan penyerap telah dijahit bersama dengan body diaper (macam disposable tu).

so tak perlu nak stuff in insert lagi.. boleh terus je pakai.


1. Sangat mudah digunakan! Semudah memakai disposable..opss, tapi cloth diaper is always pilihan yang selamat dan sihat 😊 Easy to use. These are perfect daycare and daddy diapers.

2. Tiada extra work utk stuff insert. Just pakai and siap 👍😊❤️No extra steps involved, just fasten on baby and go.


1. All in one diaper mempunyai lapisan penyerap yang dijahit bersama diaper. Maka, kebanyakan aio diaper mengambil sedikit masa untuk kering. Untuk elakkan masalah ini : boleh pilih aio yang soaker/penyerapnya yang boleh dikeluarkan seperti Bumgenius freetime , pikapu, simplex dan juga grovia .

2. Serapan adalah terhad kerana serapannya dah tidak boleh diadjust lagi.  Namun begitu terdapat beberapa brands aio yang mempunyai option, atau bukaan yang membolehkan kita untuk tambah serapan diaper tersebut : simplex dan Belle & Jessee .May not be as absorbent as other types of diapers and you cannot customize absorbency like a pocket diaper, unless you add a doubler.

All-In-Two (AI2′s) 

all in two

These are very much like the AIO’s, but in two pieces instead of one. An AI2 consists of an outer water proof layer and a soaker that either snaps in or lays into the outer shell. Some AI2’s come with soakers that are topped with a stay dry material or can come with your choice of material to use for the soakers.


1. cepat kering! kerana soaker tak attach pada diaper, so boleh jemur berasingan

2. Mudah digunakan, letakkan/butangkan soaker yang sesuai dan boleh dipakaikan pada baby. boleh mix and match dengan soaker yang bersesuaian dengan anak kita.

3. Requires no cover because it has a water proof outer shell.

4. Lebih jimat! sesetengah ai2 shell/cover boleh digunakan semula jika masih bersih. just air dry between changes. pilihan yang ekonomi bukan :)


1. These diapers can sometimes be more expensive. They are often made with more expensive materials such as organic cotton and bamboo velour.

Fitted Diapers 


Fitteds diapers adalah diaper yang keseluruhan bahagiannya bertindak menyerap basahan. Fitted diaper tidak mempunyai lapisan kalis air (kecuali hybrid fitted), maka ia perlu dipakai bersama cover. Kebiasaannya material yang digunakan adalah natural fiber yang mempunyai serapan yang baik seperti cotton, hemp dan bamboo. Soakernya samada telah dijahit bersama diaper atau perlu di pakaikan secara berasingan, bergantung pada jenama fitted.


1. Dries quickly when it has a snap in soaker.

2. Often fitteds come in cute prints, which can make using them a lot of fun.

3. Can be very absorbent and you can add doublers for more absorbency.

4. You can find covers made with PUL in fun colors and even prints, or you can explore the world of wool and fleece.


1. Takes longer to dry when it has a sewn in soaker.

2. Requires a water proof cover, so not as convenient as an all in one diaper.

3. Can be costly when made out of more expensive materials such as bamboo.

Prefold Diapers

Prefold diapers  berbentuk 4 segi yang terdiri daripada beberapa lapisan yang tebal di bahagian tengah- tengahnya. Kebanyakan material yang digunakan adalah cotton atau campuran bersama material lain seperti hemp/bamboo.

Prefold terdiri daripada 3 bahagian di mana lapisan di tengah- tengahnya adalah paling tebal dan berfungsi dalam menyerap basahan. Jika prefold   Yang digunakan adalah 4 x 8 x 4 ini bermaksud, 2 bahagian di tepi prefold terdiri daripada 4 lapisan, manakala di tengah- tengahnya adalah 8 lapisan.

Prefold tidak mempunyai lapisan kalis air, maka penggunaan prefold memerlukan cover. Dalam keadaan tertentu, pin, atau snappi diperlukan dalam pemakaian prefold.

1. Pilihan paling ekonomi! An economical choice. Prefolds cost considerably less than other types of diapers.

2. Mudah dibersihkan, cepat kering and tahan lasak. Wash easily, dry quickly, and are very durable.

3. Can add absorbency by using a doubler or folding an insert inside of it.

4. There are many different folds you can learn to make a more customized fit on your baby.

5. You can find prefolds in other materials that can be more absorbent such as hemp or bamboo.


1. Have a bit of a learning curve, so prefolds can be intimidating at first.

2. Not very daycare and daddy friendly because of the learning curve.

3. Not all mamas think prefolds are as absorbent as other types of diapers.

Flat Diapers

flat diaper

A flat diaper atau lebih dikenali sebagai lampai kain yang putih (banyak dijumpai di pasaraya kalau di Malaysia). Ia terdiri daripada satu lapisan kain yang berbentuk 4 segi dan nipis serta kebanyakannya diperbuat daripada cotton/ kapas.

These diapers are probably the type of diapers your grandmother used and are making a huge comeback now. Flat diapers are like a prefold that hasn’t been sewn all together. To use a flat diaper, you fold it so that it takes on a shape to fit around your baby, making an absorbent layer where it’s needed. There are many different folds that you can learn and you will be surprised at how fun using these diapers can be.

flat origami fold


1. Wash very easily and dry very quickly. No worry about stripping or special washing techniques.

2. Very economical – cost even less than prefold diapers.

3. The original “one size” diaper.

4. Can be “trifolded” into a cover like prefolds for maximum absorbency.

5. You can add a doubler or layer two flats together for added absorbency

6. Flats make great, inexpensive doublers and pocket stuffers.

7. Some mamas love to dye their flats and you can have fun learning different folds.


1. Have a learning curve to use, even more so than prefolds.

2. Are not daycare friendly.

3. Often times require added absorbency, especially for toddlers and heavy wetters.

4. Require a water proof cover.

Sistem Cloth diaper apakah sesuai untuk saya?

Kita mesti tertanya-tanya . sistem yang mana satu sesuai untuk anda. sebelum buat keputusan, anda boleh cuba setiap jenis cloth diaper dan sesuaikan dengan rutin harian dan basuhan anda. mungkin anda memerlukan lebih dari satu sistem.

jika ada anak di daycare, maybe boleh consider all in one/ pocket diaper with hook and loop closure. Mudah diuruskan oleh pusat jagaan.

Jika anak diuruskan sendiri oleh anda di rumah, maybe boleh consider cover and prefold system yang lebih simple dan mudah diuruskan.

Jika budget anda adalah terhad, of course pilihan cd yang ekonomi sesuai untuk anda. Pocket diaper dan prefold-cover sistem boleh dipertimbangakan.

Pastikan sistem diaper pilihan anda sesuai dengan rutin harian dan budget. Pastinya cloth diapering menjadi pengalaman yang menyeronokkan.. :)

Have fun mamas!

berjimat dengan cloth diaper – prefold & cover

grovia prefold

salam and hi..:)

Ishhhh, semalam blog down, terus hilang entry berkenaan cover & prefold. ni yang rasa nak nangis ni…uwaaaa..

so ada masa sikit ni, kita taip balik… Ramai yang tanya bagaimana nak jimat dengan cloth diaper ni.. mcm susah je nak handle.. macam mahal je cloth diaper ni, macam susah je nak guna..

meh na nak share antara sistem cloth diaper yang senang nak handle, antara pilihan yang mudah untuk travel dan harga berpatutan hokey..cover and prefold system..yeahh

apa itu prefold?



Prefold adalah kain berbentuk 4 segi –biasanya diperbuat daripada cotton, atau campuran bersama hemp atau bamboo yang mampu menyerap basahan dengan lebih baik.  Fungsinya sama macam ‘flat lampin’, ala atau lampin biasa warna putih yang kita biasa jumpa di pasaraya.

cuma bezanya adalah, prefold ini terdiri daripada beberapa lapisan dan lebih tebal di bahagian tengah untuk menyerap basahan. Ketebalan lapisan prefold ini bergantung berapa banyak lapisan, material dan saiz prefold itu sendiri.

Pre-folds 4×8×4 bermaksud prefold tersebut terdiri dari 4 lapisan di kedua sisi, dan 8 lapisan di tengah. prefold boleh dilipat dan dipakai bersama ‘snappi’ dan cover.

Kelebihan flats dan prefold adalah:

  • Ekonomi : Harga sekeping prefold tidak terlalu mahal jika dibandingkan dengan material lain.
  • mudah kering : Bentuknya yang lebar, dan 4 segi meningkatkan luas permukaan seterusnya menjadikan prefold adalah pilihan bagi ibu yang ingin lampin yang cepat kering.
  • Multipurpose : Prefold bukan sahaja boleh dipakai bersama cover namun ia boleh dijadikan sebagai penyerap tambahan atau insert kepada pocket diaper. Memang sangat fleksibel kan?


  • prefold tidak mempunyai lapisan waterproof, maka prefold perlu dipakai bersama cover.

Bagaimana pula dengan ‘cover’?

Cover adalah lapisan luar yang waterproof. Ia diperbuat dari bermacam bahan seperti polyester, Polyurethane Laminate (PUL), waterproof nylon, fleece atau wool. Biasanya ‘closure’ cover boleh terdiri daripada snap button, hook and loop (perekat) atau atau berbentuk seperti trainer


Grovia shell



wool cover

wool cover

Cara yang paling senang nak pakai cover and prefold system ini adalah …..



llipatan trifold / pad fold

 ni adalah lipatan prefold paling mudah dan praktikal. tak perlukan pin/snappi

lipatan ini sesuai untuk semua peringkat umur dan pemilihan saiz prefold yang sesuai memudahkan lagi kerja.

grovia newborn

untuk newborn, boleh guna grovia shell bersama Grovia newborn prefold (size 1) .

untuk bayi yang lebih besar, boleh guna size 2 atau 3


Grovia shell setting Large bersama Grovia prefold size 2

Jika lebih suka menggunakan pocket diaper, jangan risau, prefold boleh juga dijadikan insert. lipat tiga dan masukkan sahaja prefold ke dalam pocket diaper. mudah kan :)

saiz yang sesuai untuk one size pocket diaper adalah size 2 atau 3. kalau tiga boleh lipat sikit di bahagian hadapan untuk baby boy atau lipat sedikit di bahagian belakang untuk baby girl :)

Kalau nak cuba cover – prefold system ni mcm mana, boleh cuba grab package, Grovia Experience Package Cover + prefold. Boleh buat belian terus di link pada gambar yea :)

grovia cover prefold package

Manduca ergonomic baby carrier

Introducing the Manduca Baby Carrier.
Now available in Bummia Kids.

manduca logo

We open Pre-order for Manduca with simple easy step


SMS/Whatsapp us at 016 2158284 / 0162178284 

Apakah ciri -ciri istimewa Manduca yang anda perlu tahu?

back extension - manduca

The patented back extension gives your newborn baby neck and head support – and when opened up, the back extension enlarges the back section so that you can even carry your larger child comfortably

infant seat manduca

The Manduca can be used from birth onwards. With the integrated infant seat, your baby is in the ergonomically correct position right from the start, so you can put your mind at rest

M position - manduca

In every carrying position, your baby automatically sits in the M position (spread-squat position) recommended by orthopedic specialists. This is not only ergonomically perfect but also very comfortable for your child.

carry position manduca

Back Carry. Children can look around and over your shoulder when walking. When they are tired they can rest their head against your back and sleep. You can buy Fumbee strap protectors for added soft padded comfort for your child
Front Carry. All babies should be carried on your front from birth, held high and snug on your chest and you can see them at all times. Use the newborn pouch for approximately the first 12 weeks, then tuck it away.
Hip Carry. You can carry your baby in the hip position from around 16 weeks old, or when they have developed good head and upper back control. The hip carrying position mimics how you naturally hold your baby with their legs wrapped around your body in the M position.

Pre-order Now with a great saving!

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Langkah dan teknik yang betul untuk basuh cloth diaper

5 langkah mudah mencuci cloth diaper

Apakah teknik yang betul dalam membasuh/ mencuci cloth diaper? Sebenarnya cara pengurusan berbeza mengikut individu. so na share cara yang biasa digunakan dan bolehlah dicuba menikut kesesuaian masa dan kudrat yea :). Yang penting cuci cloth diaper dengan 5 langkah mudah.

5 langkah mudah mencuci cloth diaper


  • Bila dah dapat cloth diaper yang kotor di tangan, apa lagi.. terus proses kalau sempat sementara kita di dalam bilik air tu. kalau cloth diaper tersebut terkena poo, terus buangkan poo tersebut ke dalam toilet bowl. lagi senang kalau pakai flushable/disposable liner, poo mudah dibersihkan dari cloth diaper.
  • Jika pakai pocket cloth diaper, boleh keluarkan insertnya terlebih dahulu, kemudian buangla segala bendasing (poo) yang ada pada cd.


  • Bila poo/pee dah tak melekat lagi dekat inner cd, boleh la rinse/lalukan air pada cloth diaper sehingga agak bersih kemudian perah dan sangkut pada tepi baldi.(jadikan rutin bila masuk bilik air, terus bilaskan cd yang ada, so lepas tu tinggal nak campak dalam washing machine je lagi ;p)


  •  Bila sampai hari basuhan CD (sebaiknya selang sehari = 3 kali seminggu), campak semua cd yang kita dah rinse and sidai tepi baldi ke dalam mesin basuh. Jika perlu, boleh letakkan material cd yang sensitif seperti organic insert, atau washable liner ke dalam laundry net).. Kalau tak pakai laundry net tu pen tak apa. biarkan ia bertebaran mesra di dalam mesin basuh.


  • kemudian, biarkan mesin basuh melakukan tugas mereka. tak perlu nak special cycle ke apa. cuma pastikan aras air yang digunakan menutupi semua cloth diaper tersebut dan semua cd dapat bergerak lancar di dalam wm tersebut. Gunakan detergent yang disarankan dan cd friendly.

line dry cloth diaper

5. DRY

  • Dah siap di basuh, maka bolehlah menjemur di bawah terik mentari atau kipas yang berpusing (jika duduk di kondo/apartment).

Mudah je kan sebenarnya, jika ia dijadikan rutin dan tahu teknik yang betul. :)

Happy Cloth Diapering :)

Mami Na

Terma yang kita perlu tahu dalam dunia cloth diaper

cloth diaper terma

Peningnya nak mula cloth diaper pada anak.. banyak sangat terma yang kita tak faham kan.. pening dibuatnya.. macam susah je kan :)

cloth diaper terma

dekat sini na share a few terma yang kita perlu tahu dalam dunia cloth diaper ni.

Pilihan Saiz:

One Size diaper

One size diaper adalah cloth diaper yang dikategorikan dalam kategori boleh dilaras saiznya dari saiz S kepada saiz L/XL bergantung pada jenama cloth diaper tersebut.  Kebiasaannya ‘one size diaper’ ini boleh dipakai dari newborn sehinggalah ke fasa potty train juga.

Sized diaper : Cloth diaper jenis ini didatangkan pada saiz yang tertentu dan bersesuaian pada baby yang berada pada lingkungan berat dan saiz tersebut. Antara contoh sized cloth diaper yang terdapat di pasaran Malaysia adalah Itti Bitti  SIO (Snap in one) dan Itti Bitti (All in One) dan dilabel (XS, Sm, Med, Large, or XL in most cases).

Duo Size: Cloth diaper ini mempunyai dua versi , biasanya dikenali sebagai saiz 1 atau 2 .

Newborn: Newborn diaper kebanyakannya boleh dipakai sejurus selepas bayi dilahirkan dan biasanya boleh dipakai sehingga 4 ke 6 bulan bergantung pada jenama. Antara Newborn diaper yang boleh didapati di pasaran Malaysia adalah Grovia Newborn aio (all in one) yang tengah sale 40% sekarang.

Grovia Newborn Sets

Sizing Details:

3-Step Rise: This one size diaper uses a snap down rise system with 3 size settings.



4-Step Rise: This one size diaper uses a snap down rise system with 4 size settings.

Sized: This diaper only comes in sizes (XS, Sm, Med, Large, or XL in most cases).


One Size Elastic Adjustable Button Elastic: This diaper is sized using button hole elastic in the legs (and sometimes also in the waist).


free size elastic with toggleFree Size Elastic: This diaper is sized using elastic in the waist that is tightened or loosened with a toggle and held in place. Ni biasa kita jumpa pada Charlie Banana cloth diaper.


Free Size: This diaper has no sizing system but fits babies of multiple sizes.

Internal Snap Down Rise Adjustment: This diaper uses a snap down rise system located on the inside of the diaper to adjust the rise. Diaper yang guna sistem ini memang locally not selling in malaysia.

Contoh : Bottombumpers


fold over riseFold Over Rise: This diaper is sized by folding the front of the diaper over then securing the closure (snaps or Velcro) to control the rise.  Sometimes this system is in conjunction with rise snaps.


Dual Size: This diaper has 2 versions, usually referred to as Size 1 and Size 2.  It either comes just as these sizes or has adjustments within those ranges on the diaper.


Diaper Type:


This diaper is one piece and most like a disposable.

All-in-Two: This diaper is a 2 part system that usually has a waterproof shell and an absorbent soaker or disposable insert.  The shell can be reused multiple times, the dirty soaker can be replaced with a fresh one.

All-in-Three: Diapers in this category can usually be used in many ways, as an All-in-Two or as a pocket or cover.

Pocket: This diaper is usually a waterproof shell with a lining into which an absorbent insert can be stuffed.

Cover: This diaper is just the waterproof shell that has to be used over a non-waterproof diaper.

Fitted: This diaper is not waterproof.  It needs to be used with a cover.

Prefold: This is a rectangular piece of absorbent material (usually cotton, but can behemp/bamboo/or others) with more layers in the middle.

Flat: This is a rectangular or square piece of material that can be folded in many ways to fit around a baby or laid in a diaper cover.  It is usually only 1 layer (most common material is birdseye cotton) so it dries quickly.

Sleeve: This diaper functions like a pocket and an All-in-One.  It has an opening on the front and back.  The insert will agitate out in the wash but needs to be re-stuffed when clean.

Tongue-Style All-in-One: This diaper has an insert that is only attached at one end.  It will still need to be stuffed after washing but the insert stays attached.  You do not need to un-stuff before washing.

Snap-in-One: This diaper is often referred to as an All-in-One, however the soaker snaps into place.  You can usually leave it snapped in to wash.  Also usually has options for more inserts.  Faster drying than true sewn in AIO’s.

Hybrid: this diaper has a re-usable shell but can be used with disposable inserts. Antara contoh yang paling simple bagi jenis ini adalah semestinya grovia.

Insert Material:




Microfiber: Mikrofiber ni material yang diperbuat daripada polyester dan dikategori di bawah material sintetik. Ia banyak juga digunakan di dalam industri pembersihan. ia sangat menyerap dengan baik ( 8 kali ganda dari berat) dan tidak mahal .

Microfiber sedikit ‘bulky’ jika dibandingkan dengan material organic yang lain namun ia cepat kering. Microfiber paling banyak digunakan di dalam kebanyakn cloth diaper.




Cotton: Diapers with cotton inserts or soakers are not as absorbent as certain other materials, but have the boasting rights to being a natural fiber that is less likely to have build-up or stink issues.




Bamboo:  As a material, bamboo has to go through processing that essentially makes it the same as Rayon, so it is usually referred to as Rayon from Bamboo Fibers.  Bamboo is a fast growing crop and very absorbent.





This material is ultra trim and very absorbent, making it perfect for the heavy wetter or for overnight diapers.  It is often blended with cotton to make a hemp jersey that is softer than plain hemp inserts or soakers.  Since hemp cannot be grown in the US all hemp is imported.




Micro-Terry-Adalah nama lain untuk microfiber

Lining Material:

Microfleece- This material is synthetic and made from polyester.  It wicks moisture away from the baby’s skin.  After many washes it often pills up (like a sweater.)  It has a tendency to attract build-up. Di Malaysia banyak jumpa brand yang guna microfleece as a lining material, seperti charlie banana.

Suedecloth- Same as microfleece, material suede is synthetic and made from polyester.  It wicks moisture away from the baby’s skin.  It remains smooth after many washes. It has a tendency to attract build-up. Antara cloth diaper yang menggunakan suede as a lining material is Bumgenius and itti bitti as a lining on the top of their soaker.

Bamboo Fleece: Fleece derived from bamboo.  It does not stay as dry as a synthetic fleece.

Bamboo Terry – looped terry derived from bamboo fibers. Bamboo terry ni mudah reput and degradable. So jika cloth diaper yang anda guna menggunakan bamboo terry as a diaper liner, harus lah berhati-hati and handle with care :)

Bamboo Velour – Velour (tiny fur like hairs that feel soft and buttery) derived from bamboo fibers.

Cotton Velour- Velour (tiny fur like hairs that feel soft and buttery) derived from cotton.

Hemp/Cotton- A Hemp/Cotton blend.  It doesn’t wash up as soft as others on this list but is natural and has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.

Outer Materials:

PUL- Ooga Booga Print




PUL- Polyurethane Laminate has one layer of polyester (facing the outside of the diaper) with a laminate on the inside which makes it waterproof.  This laminate is shiny when exposed, like in many diaper covers. PUL material sangat meluas digunakan dan hampir kesemua brand menggunakan PUL sebagai outer material.





TPU- Thermoplastic Polyurethane.  TPU is manufactured in a way that makes it more environmentally friendly than PUL as well as making it biodegrade faster than PUL.

fleece cover


Fleece dihasilkan dari material polyester, kadangkala ia juga dihasilkan daripada bahan berunsur plastik yang dikitar semula yang menjadikan ia material yang kalis air. Material ini breathabledan tidak mahal.

ia banyak digunakan sebagai cover

Wool interlock




Wool:  This material is used for covers and soakers and can be handknit from wool yarns, factory knit, or made into an interlock (tightly woven) material and sewn into covers.  Wool is waterproof, breathable, and able to be used many times before washing because it is “self cleaning.”  It will need to be lanolized to maintain waterproofness.




Minkee- Minkee (or minky) is a super soft fabric made from polyester (microfiber) than is often places over TPU or PUL but not always.  It often comes in vivid colors and prints. Material minky ni memang gebu dan selalu didatangkan dengan prints yang cantik-cantik. Itti bitti cloth diaper menggunakan minky material sebagai outer material untuk cloth diaper mereka.




PUL with Cotton Knit: Sometimes diapers are made with PUL but covered in decorative cotton knit fabric.  This makes for a very colorful and decorative diaper but depending on the quality of the sewing, it can lead to wicking (moisture moving from the inside of the diaper to the outside cotton material.). Cotton knit banyak digunakan pada fitted diaper.

ok cukup setakat ini :). Cloth diaper is easy kalau anda faham dan rajin membaca. Jangan lupa beli cloth diaper pada seller yang boleh guide anda dalam memakai dan mengurus cloth diaper dengan betul..Happy cloth diapering semua.

Mami Na

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